Our firm mainly promotes the following models:

  • C42: The firm Comco Ikarus was established in the 1970ies and is one of the first German manufacturers and main contributors to the development of ultra-light aircraft. Currently, the C42 model is the most popular aircraft for travel and training purposes. It can also be used in agriculture and forestry for spraying pesticides, etc. The C42 is the best-selling light sports aircraft worldwide.
  • Remos: Established in the 1990ies, the firm Remos applies the best of state-of-the-art technology in the construction of light sports aircraft. Remos is aiming at absolute perfection of its products in terms of manufacturing quality, external design, structural design and on-board equipment and instruments, etc. Remos is the top-luxury class of light sports aircraft worldwide.
  • Breezer: Breezer Aircraft is the pure passion of flying, which combines essential flight characteristics so skillfully like a Breezer. This is also why the Breezer is considered the perfect all-rounder. It accompanies its pilots at every stage – whether they’re still in training, or later during long trips – without overwhelming the pilot. A Breezer will never become boring. In the factory near the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea, the Breezer is created with careful precision work.
  • Stemme: The Company Stemme was founded in 1984 in Berlin. The target is creating an aircraft capable of long-distance soaring flights at the highest level -independent of towing vehicles, winches and the accompanying crews.
- Twin Voyager S12: S12 is a German high-wing, two-seat motor glider. It offers pilots two complete aircraft in one, it delivers the comfortable travel of a powered aircraft along with the pure adventure of gliding.
  • - ES15 aircraft: ECARYS – a subsidiary of STEMME AG –worked with governments, scientists and corporations to design and develop the ES15. This flexible, modular design is now one of the most efficient platforms for airborne surveillance, reconnaissance and research.