BreezerBreezer Aircraft Company

At the very beginning, there was the desire of Ralf Magnussen from North Friesland, to build his own airplane. That was in the mid-90s . The background was that although many models have provided good properties in specific areas, but none that combined his expectations for its essential characteristics. The aim was to build a robust, suitable for everyday use, good-natured and forgiving UL. It should be suitable for infrequent flyers and students, as well as provide the distance travel fliers good flight characteristics. We are convinced that he achieved this goal very well. Ralf Magnussen has created a true " all-rounder " .
The first flight took place in December 1999. Originally only a Breezer was being considered, the prototype of which is still standing in Bredstedt and is still in operation. It was originally not the goal to go into production, Ralf had at the beginning considered it a hobby. However, it is usually different than you think - fortunately, for currently over 130 Breezer owners. In the early years the interest on the Breezer rose steadily - also and especially because of its properties.

Breezer is a relatively small aircraft manufacturer with 20 employees today. Our goal is to meet with a lot of quality and passion our customers dreams. What sounds like a slogan, has an honest and true background. Our employees are almost all in the air sports active, flying mostly self and they are passionately connected with Breezer. Your daily work is characterized by a large affection for details and quality. We do not produce 100 aircraft a year - we are not a mass producer but an individual aircraft factory. We are convinced that the quality of a product is in its details.
Quality has nothing to do with whether the aircraft is beautifully painted , well- burnished or perfectly equipped. If you are willing to spend a high five -figure sum, then you should have the right to go to the bottom of the quality you deserve.