REMOS Logo PANTONEREMOS Aircraft embellishs the dream of flying with their ultra-light and LSA-category aircraft. To achieve that, we employ sophisticated aerodynamics, high-tech composite materials, advanced production technologies and uncompromising quality “Made in Germany” - and we have been doing so for many years already.

  • 2008: Presentation of the new REMOS GX. Many improvements, including a wing completely made from carbon with novel wing flaps, continue the tradition of quality and reliability.
  • 2006: In the U.S.A., the REMOS G3 is certified as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). RMOS is relocating to newly built manufacturing facility in Pasewalk in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania where up to 200 aircraft can be built per year. The production site includes a 984 yard tarmac runway. To serve the rapidly growing U.S. market for LSA-category aircraft, REMOS Aircraft incorporates a U.S. subsidiary in California. A dense network of dealerships in Western Europe and the U.S. provides comprehensive support to REMOS customers.
  • 2000: Specialist journalists and other industry experts select the REMOS G3 for the UL-plane of the Year
  • Starting 1998: Between ten and twenty aircraft are coming off the final assembly line annually. The REMOS G3 has satisfied not only aircraft owners in Europe but also in Brazil, Australia, the U.S.A. and other countries with its excellent in-flight characteristics, supreme quality and extraordinary reliability ever since.
  • 1997: First time take-off of the REMOS G3 prototype. With the design of this carbon fiber-composite two-seater aircraft, REMOS establishes new standards for quality, comfort and in-flight characteristics for the German ultra-light aircraft category.
  • 1993: REMOS Aircraft GmbH is founded in Eschelbach/Bavaria. On a farm compound north of Munich, the company manufactures high-tech components for aviation industry and builds experimental ultra-light airplanes.