Stemme S12It has been 30 years now since the first Stemme S10 was launched, and in that period until today more than 270 S10 and S12 aircraft have been delivered to customers worldwide. 

The Twin Voyager S12 has been presented to the market two years ago. The S12 is a further and comprehensive evolution of the S10 which was already successful in its own right. It was a successful introduction, its production capacity is booked well into 2018. 
The new S12 will be equipped with a new lighting system using LED technology. This is not only a design feature, it also enhances flight safety. The LED light strip in the nose cone is linked to the aircraft collision avoidance system and reacts with an adapted signal according to the traffic situation.
It offers aerodynamic improvements by integrating the LED lights into improved winglets. And it also enhances the aesthetic aspect of the aircraft. 
Furthermore, as another step in our increased product offering we introduce a full glass cockpit, i.e. a Garmin avionics panel with two G3X touch panels, Garmin autopilot, digital engine control monitoring and much more. 
These new features will be available for delivery from the second quarter of 2018 onwards. 
We are able to offer this continuous product enhancements because not only do we strongly believe in but more importantly we apply the excellence of German engineering. Along with excellence in manufacturing this provides our customers today with an aircraft giving unparalleled flying experience and quality that speaks for itself. 
The Stemme Twin Voyager S12 is a powerful single piston engine aircraft as well as an elegant high performance glider. It is truly two aircraft in one. 
As you can see, with our latest and newest features for the S12, Stemme is above it all. That describes well that Stemme stands for innovative engineering; high quality manufacturing; unrelenting attention to detail; passionate about our products; offering our customers a unique flying experience in aircraft with which our customers can be above it all.



 MTOM: 900 kg (1,984 lbs)  12 V DC system
 Wingspan: 25 m (82.02 ft)  2 lithium iron posphate batteries
 Wingspan (folded): 11.4m (37.40ft)  8 solar cells
 Wing area: 19.95 m2 (214.74 ft2)  LED landing lights
 Height: 1.75 m (5.74 ft)  Collision warning lights and position lights in the    winglet
 Length: 8.42m (27.6ft)  USB socket in the cockpit


 External power receptacle
 Glide ratio: 1:53


 Cruise speed up to: 259km/h (140kt) TAS at 10.000 ft
 Different interior colors and premium material options with low noise ambi- ence
 Climb rate: Better than 4.2m/s (830ft/min)

 Comfort seats for pilot and co-pilot

 Range of up to: 1,759 km (950 nm)  Adjustable rudder pedals


 Tinted canopy

 Power plant: ROTAX 914 F2/S1 Turbo

 Lockable windows

 MTOP: 115 PS/hp


 MCP: 100PS/hp

 Retractable undercarriage

 Fuel capacity (center wing): 120 l (31.7 US gal)  Luggage compartment in rear fuselage Winglets
 Fuel consumption at 55% MCP: 13l/h (3.4 USgal/h)  Winglets
   Foldable wings
   Water ballast tank in the fin for adjusting center of gravity

Stemme S12

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A S12 Colorado6810

A Stemme 24

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A Stemme PeakPerformerS10 05

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