C42 CS

The fastest in the IKARUS series

MTOW: 560 kg

Approval as: LTF-UL 2019


Features of the C42 CS

The IKARUS C42CS is an innovative further development based on the proven IKARUS C42C.

The well-known innovations and technical developments already implemented in our successful C42C are rounded off by the composite single-swing landing gear and is the logical further development to the standard sports aircraft.

The aerodynamically high-quality landing gear offers a significantly higher cruising speed. Thus, sporty and pleasant traveling complement each other to a perfect flying experience.

Areas of application

Wird eingesetzt für Flugschulen, als Reiseflugzeug, als Schleppflugzeug.

Kann mit einem Rotax IS Motor ausgestattet werden.

Standard equipment for the C42 CS

80 hp Rotax engine | rescue system | stainless steel exhaust system | hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake | comfortable and effective cabin heating | carburettor preheating | airbox with NACA inlet | cover with extra protective film against UV rays | inspection-friendly wing and cowling locks | large luggage compartment opening | cabin locks with new high-security designer door handles | adjustable air inlets in both doors | incl. basic flight instruments, engine instruments, decorative strips | digital, precisely readable tachometer with engine time recording | can also be equipped with the special version for pilots in a taxiing stall


– Engine frame carrier
– Spades

– Flettner-rudder

– Gap fairing between flaps and fuselage

– Electric elevator trim with stick actuation

– Strut connection cladding

– Aerodynamic single swing composite landing gear

– High quality Beringer brake including parking brake

C42 CS Technical specifications






















80 PS

100 PS

100 PS


Cruising speed 75%

184 km/h

194 km/h

194 km/h


Maximum speed Vmax

200 km/h

208 km/h

208 km/h


Stall speed VS0

71 km/h

71 km/h

71 km/h


Rate of climb

4 m/s

5 m/s

5 m/s


Wing span

8,71 m





6,38 m





2,20 m




Wing area

11,9 m²




Max. take-off weight / MTOW

560 kg




Empty weight incl. rescue system BRS

281,5 kg

285,5 kg

293,8 kg


Load capacity

278,5 kg

274,5 kg

266,2 kg







Tank capacity

65 Liter




Consumption liters/hour

11 - 14

12 - 15

11 - 14


Range with 65 liter tank

approx. 780 km




Take-off roll distance (grass)





Glide ratio





C42 CS

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A C42 CS

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