Comco Ikarus C42C 42 Portrait

C42 Series - the bestseller, meanwhile more than 1200 units delivered worldwide -the bestselling ultralight aircraft in Germany

Maximum fun of flying at a reasonable ratio between price and performance.

An innovative, modern two-seater micro-light aircraft sets the standards. The classic advantages of the ultralight and the standard aircraft categories are combined to produce a fascinating, technically matured machine.

The IKARUS C42 Series is very popular due to its excellent flight characteristics.

  • The aluminium tube construction combined with carbon fibre, Aramid and glass fibre enables light weights at high solidity
  • This way of construction is also very maintenance-friendly
  • Optimised engine performance and low fuel consumption by the use of separate supplies for fresh air with the aid of NACA-intake with charge effect
  • The oil cooler integrated into the cooling water circuit guarantees ideal set-up between oil-, water- resp. cylinder head temperature
  • Additional preheating prevents carburettor icing
  • A climate of wellness due to cabin heating and air vent
  • Standard electric trim and landing flap adjustment
  • Optional aerodynamic main gear fairing
  • The standardl Carbon fibre winglets cause an elegant visual effect and even better flight characteristics at low speed flight as well as at banner- and aero-tow
  • Aerodynamic design of the engine-cowling and front-screen-tilting has been optimised in the wind tunnel
  • The high opening folding doors reach all down to the cabin floor. They allow the most comfortable entrance into the 1,2 m wide, spaciously glassed cabin.
  • Over-average high payload
  • Affordable Aero-tow up to 650 kg towing capacity

Technical data C42E  100HP

 Cruising speed (IAS)  175 km/h  Wing area  12,5 m²
 Max. airspeed Vmax (IAS)  190 km/h  MTOW*  540,0 kg
 Stallspeed  65 km/h  Fuel tank volume  65 Liter
 Rate of clim (472,5 kg)  5,0 m/s  Average consumptionof fuel L/hr  12-17
 Wing span  9,45 m  Range 65 Liters tank  ca. 700 km
 Length  6,38 m  Length of takeoff run (Gras)  90-100m
 Height  2,20 m  Glide ratio  11

* MTOW and payload may be different according to national law"